Customers Feedback

Akterra snakes repellent has been the best thing that happened to my farm. Previously, cobras infested my fish farm, consuming fingerlings and growers during the night and early evenings. We had several incidents of spitting cobras spitting on my staff in the farm and posing major issues until we stumbled on Akterra Solution last year. Its amazing we no longer sight any snakes in the vicinity of the farm and there has been no cobra incidents since then. I highly recommend Akterra to every fish farmer. The solution is just amazing! nothing like it!!

Wilson Igho / Wiletson Ltd, Abuja

This is a FANTASTIC solution. We always had snakes foraging and sometime getting into our sewage system from the canal leading to the Lagoon. We have seen small and large snakes including Cobras and even a 8-foot python that entered one of our poultry houses and swallowed quite a number of broilers. We heard about Akterra from the manufacturers and bought 8 bottles to try and to our greatest surprise, that was the end of our snakes issues. We tried tobacco leaves, fumigation and many things but all of them failed before we found Akterra. Because I have everything good to say about this Solution. Thanks a million!

Peter Ike / Gbagada, Lagos

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