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Powerful, Organic & Safe Snake Repellent

Conventional approaches use heavy chemicals to wade off snakes. These conventional solutions may hurt the snakes but are injurious to humans, pets, livestock and the environment. It’s been overdue for years to move towards unconventional, long lasting safe and humane solutions selectively effective on only snakes. Akterra® Snakes Repellent is the specific answer to this need. Packed in powdered dispensable form, the Akterra® snakes control solution is long lasting and guaranteed to eradicate and wade off all snakes from treated areas for Six (6) months. Akterra® is organic, 100% non-toxic and requires no evacuation of humans, pets or livestock before application unlike most other products in the market today.

Key Features of Akterra Snakes Repellent

Akterra® snakes repellent is a magic snakes control formula packed with powerful features including but not limited to the following:

  • Made from 100% natural, edible and organic active ingredients.
  • No Chemical ingredients added, 100% plant based active ingredients.
  • Kills or expels all types of Snakes from treated area within 48 hours.
  • Harmless to humans, pets, livestock and environment.
  • No strong smells, kills & incapacitates all Snakes within treated area without requiring physical contact.
  • No pre-evacuation of inhabitants is required for treatment.
  • Non-Poisonous, no adverse side effect even if accidentally ingested
  • Works only on Snakes & certain Scorpions
  • Easy to Use, just sprinkle the Powder around the perimeter or area of interest.
  • Long lasting effect up to 6 months, no need to repeat often like others.
  • Powerful and can be sensed by snakes within 5 -10 meters.
  • Earth-friendly and can be used in farms, homes, offices with good result.

How to Use the Repellent

Akterra® magic snakes repellent formula is packed ready for use and can be unpacked and applied simply by sprinkling the Powder around the perimeter of interest (indoors or outdoors) and across entrances once every six (6) months.

Application can be done using bare hands or with hand gloves by dropping about a 4th of a teaspoon every 1 meter apart along the perimeter of interest on dry or moist ground. Once sprinkled, no further action is required as the magic powder action kicks in slowly on snakes within the vicinity of a 5 – 10 meters radius reaching peak effect after a period of about 24 – 48 hours when all snakes still within the vicinity suffer a nervous breakdown and lose consciousness.

Akterra can be used anywhere to provide safety from snakes attacks including at home, gardens, office, abandoned properties, vehicles, e.t.c. However, we advise responsible use of the formula as the aim is to protect human settlements by using the magic powder as an invisible wall against snake’s entry / invasion and not to indiscriminately kill just any snakes.

How it works

  • Once applied within the perimeter of a fenced farm, quarters, offices or homes, the Akterra® magic snakes control powder without needing any physical contact on the snakes, triggers a slow and systematic snake’s nervous systems shutdown if snake remains within 5 – 10 meters radius.
  • If the snake crawls away or is removed within 30 minutes, the snake may make a recovery. If the snake stays within the treated area, the snake however big, strong or violent, will be completely incapacitated and fall into a coma within a few hours and will die within 72 hours from the effects of the formula.
  • Once applied, for a period of about 6 months the formula remains potent except in cases of severe flooding or erosion. Migrant snakes coming towards the protected area once within 10 – 15 meters range sense the danger and flee immediately, never to return. Buy one here.