Corporate & Retail Sales

As a company dedicated to the total well-being of the general public and individuals, we provide clients both corporate and private with our tried and tested snakes’ deterrent solution. We offer group packages and comprehensive packages housing estate, farms and pest control companies. If you are interested in group or bulk purchase, you may contact us for our exclusive packages which others have found very rewarding.

Advisory & Treatment Services

Unattended properties and areas where rodents’ population is high are prone to snakes infestation / attacks. Newly developed estates and swampy areas often witness lots of snakes’ activity which Estate Managers now address using our services. We provide clients with comprehensive expandable suite of services that includes onsite assessment, treatment, training and other services.

Safe Organic Snake Repellent

Conventional snakes control solutions have not only been unreliable against many species of snakes but found to be equally injurious to humans, pets, livestock and the environment. Based on market demand and pressure for long lasting, safe, humane and environmentally friendly snake repellent solutions, Redsav Ltd released its AKTERRA® Snakes repellent which had been used over the years to control snakes in farms in Africa where the presence of pythons, cobras and mambas were often the challenge.
Packaged in easily dispensable powdered form, the AKTERRA® snakes solution is organic, long lasting and guaranteed to eradicate and wade off all types of snakes in treated areas for Six (6) Months. It’s non-toxic and has no adverse effects on humans, pets or livestock.

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